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Welcome to the Holiday Baking Online Ninja Classes! With the success of the Ninja Bake Along on IG Live, these classes have been thoughtfully curated to ensure that you learn in the best possible way. You do not need any prior experience to join into these classes and the best part is you can stop me at any time, bombard me with your questions so you can learn along the way. Each class will have limited seating, hence don’t wait too long to decide on joining. If you like you can bake along with me or attend and bake the recipe at a more convenient time with the help of the starter pack, more details about it is listed within the class information.

The festive season is upon us and whether you celebrate Christmas or not this time of year has some of the best sweets around. I usually start my Christmas baking a month in advance to get through the holidays ensuring I feed each and every loved one around me. The menu listed below is based on the most requested recipes and the most popular recipes in my kitchen during this time of the year. Be rest assured that the recipes are tried, tested and used for years. Some of which are my family hand down recipes and I am beyond thrilled to share them with you. Yes, some of them are a labor of love but they are lovely to make not to mention fun to involve your family and help along. There are 3 independent classes, each of which having their own details.

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