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Mince Pies


Mince Pies

Date: 28th November 2020

Time: 1pm UAE Time

Duration: 2.5 hours

Where: Live Zoom Session

Price: AED 102/-

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What should I join the session?

You will learn multiple culinary techniques to prepare this cake. These mince pies are one of the best sweet treats this time of the year. They can be made in advance and baked just before serving. I am not a huge fan of dried fruits but this pie filling I can eat out of a jar. The class will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. The Mincemeat filling
  2. Pie dough 
  3. Assembly & Decoration
  • Learn how to make a mincemeat filling at home
  • Ingredients and their role
  • Equipment needed (oven is needed)
  • Preparation methods (soaking fruit, all spice powder, stewing, stem ginger)
  • Storage
  • Learn how to make pie dough (mealy)
  • Ingredients and their role
  • Equipment needed and substitutes
  • Preparation method and options (rub in method, rolling, baking)
  • Storage and its wide variety usage
  • Assembly & Decoration
  • Assembling the pie including crimping and importance of egg wash
  • Presentation/Decoration of crust
  • Baking techniques
  • Serving options
  • Storage methods

What am I paying for?

>A seat at the Mince Pie Live Zoom session where I will show you how to make  each component step by step and provide pro tips along the way.

> As a student of the class you can ask me questions through out to clarify any doubts along the way, you could also show me your product if you are baking along with me. Or else you can watch the session and bake at your leisure.

>Workbook of session content including image based references per step, list of ingredients and necessary equipment, technical definitions, detailed recipe information and tips

>A bonus Christmas recipe (Note: this will not be made during the class but will be an additional detailed recipe for you to bake at your leisure)

>The session will be recorded on zoom hence I will have it sent over at the earliest, so you will have the session to review at any time


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