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1 Cookie Dough - 12 Ways

A christmas cookie box series that uses one sugar cookie recipe and turns it into 12 different cookie recipes.

The purpose of this recipe was to make Christmas cookies easily accessible to anyone and everyone. With basic ingredients and simple equipment these cookies are all attainable for any baker. You don’t need to have fancy tools and expensive ingredients to make these cookies. Sometimes sugar cookies can get boring and monotonous hence these 12 flavors are all distinct in every aspect. if you are feeling adventurous you can double up the recipe and try out all the cookies, however scale down the other recipes. 

Each recipe is distinct and has other elements to it, you can find the recipes within each cookie however you could also bake them without the additional fillings and icings etc. I have developed these cookies in such a way that you don’t need to make the add ons, they are delicious on their own. Alot of the cookies can be made ahead as their storage is for at least a week. Hence they are a great make ahead situation during the holidays. 

I have lot of holiday baking recipe inspiration on the blog as I love Christmas baking, check out the Hot cocoa cookies and Maple sugar cookie recipe. If you are looking for something that is not cookie then the Instant Christmas Cake Recipe is one you cannot miss, how to soak your dried fruit is essential for this time of year, my Vegan vanilla cake is the best fluffy best cake you will make, festive Panna Cotta, Cranberry orange loaf cake too. I have a ton of festive drinks as well, like the Tiramisu twist, Santaclausmopolitan, Cranberry spritzer, French toast latte etc. 

Make sure to check out my social platforms for all the recipe videos and more baking/cooking inspiration through the holidays. Happy Baking!

Vanilla Spiced Sugar Cookies (Day1)
Classic sugar cookies that are crunchy, hold their shape well and crumble with every bite. They are buttery and simple to make, not to mention very easy and delicious.
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Lemon Thumbprint Cookies (Day 2)
Lemon meringue pie and a cookie had a baby, this recipe would be the baby. It is a lemon cookie base with lemon curd and a torched meringue top.
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Chai spiced chocolate stars (Day 3)
Tiny star cookies filled with the flavors of chai spice and dark chocolate pieces. These cookies are yummy on their own but the chai buttercream is a delicious addition making for a yummy treat.
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Lime Rosemary Wreaths (Day 4)
Cookie wreaths flavored with lime zest and rosemary. Topped with a lime icing and sugared rosemary. They are simple to make and so cute and festive.
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Linzer Cookies (Day 5)
Sugar cookie dough baked and sandwiched between raspberry jam. They are crumbly, fruit, delicious and simple to make.
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Cashew Coconut Bites (Day 6)
Little cashew cloud like cookies that are crumbly, nutty, coconuty and sugary. They are rolled into balls, baked and dunked in icing sugar for that snowball effect.
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Slice n’ Bake Orange Cranberry Cookies (Day 7)
These no slice n’ bake cookies are so simple and packed with all the Christmas flavors of dried cranberries, orange zest and white chocolate.
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Snowflake Coconut Bunting Cookies (Day 8)
Sugar cookie buntings flavored with coconut and rolled in some desiccated coconut for extra coconut flavor and crunch, hung on your Christmas tree or gifted to your loved ones.
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Chocolate Fudge Squares (Day 9)
These squares are brownies in cookie form. The cookie is flavored with cocoa powder and sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache, drizzle with more melted chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.
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Matcha Holly Cookies (Day 10)
Festive cookies that look like little Hollys and are so yummy. Decorated with red royal icing, they are the perfect holiday baking recipe.
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Marble Cookie Sticks (Day 11)
A vanilla and chocolate marble cookie that is drizzled with white and dark chocolate. Very simple and great way to use up left over sugar cookie dough.
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Gingerbread Men Cookies (Day 12)
A snappy gingerbread cookie filled with ginger powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg and molasses. These cookies are simple, cute and yummy.
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