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5 Drinks To Make in January

Easy drinks to make this January to kickstart a wholesome and nutritious month of a healthy lifestyle. Simple but delicious recipes to make you feel warm. 

This is the month everyone decides to start fresh. Whether it is about lifestyle inducing diet or exercise. I am here to share some of my favorite drink recipes with you to started this year. Now I must say that I don’t believe in diets or resolutions but I do believe in giving yourself a restart as when you need it through out the year. Everyone thinks or suggests January to be a dry month and this blog does have non alcoholic recipes suggested but I am not saying you need to drink only healthy drinks this month, you can get creative and make any of the recipes in my drinks recipe section. 

As for the term healthy, I think it is used and abused in todays world, hence I would like to say that I don’t believe these recipes are relatively healthy but I know they are filling with nutritiously wholesome ingredients that are good for you. I do believe moderation is key in everything you consume which is why I don’t avoid specific food groups but enjoy them in limitation. 

I do have a lot of soup and salad recipe for you to look through if you are looking for cooking inspiration, look no further and check out my savory recipes page for more information. 

Make sure to check out my social platforms for more drinks recipes and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest if you try out any of my recipes. I would love nothing more than to see how you enjoyed it. Happy drinking ninjas!

Everyday Green Smoothie
This is my favourite smoothie, filled with spinach, bananas, kale, almond milk, chia seeds and other wholesome ingredients. It is a great breakfast on the go.
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Masala Chai
Fragrant and flavorful masala chai (teat) at home brings comfort to the soul. In this recipe you will learn how to make my go to masala chai powder and turn that into the best masala chai. With 1 pot, a few ingredients and spice you are half way done.
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How to make Bone broth
Bone broth is a savory and rich drink that is packed with natural collagen and nutrients. It is made with animal bones and vegetables that are simmered in water. A simple immune boosting recipe.
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Haldi Doodh
Haldi Doodh also known as Golden milk, also known as Turmeric latte is a simple immune boosting healthy hot drink that is delicious. This recipe is rooted in Ayurveda which stems from India.
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Homemade Almond Milk
Creamy and luscious almond scented milk that is perfect as it is or with some cookies on the side. A plant based staple for any household and takes only a few minutes to make.
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