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5 Drinks To Make This Spring

The drink recipes you need this Spring season. From a Spring iced tea to a Blueberry lemon smash and a Pineapple basil soda these are some of my favorite ones.

The weather is getting warmer but the air is still cool, we are in an in-between, getting out of the cold winter days and into the start of sunny and bright days. They say spring is the start of new life and truly is the beginning of a new year as the weather aids in the feeling of being warm, energized and longer days means more gets done. I don’t know if I believe any of this but I do know that I love the idea of a sunshine and cool breeze. 

Whether you drink alcohol or not, whether you enjoy tea or coffee, whether you are drinking alone or making drinks for a party, whether you are in the mood to make something elaborate or keep it simple there is something for everyone on this list. I started making cocktails and mocktails because I am not an everyday drinker but I do celebrate making something special and enjoying it in my own space. Hence all these recipes are not only tried and tested by me but I make sure to get them wetted by people who do know alcohol much better than me. 

Having said this, all the recipe videos can be found on my Instagram account and if you decide to make any of them, please tag me so I see how it turned out! I love reading and chatting with you all about all things food and drinks. While you are at it, make sure to subscribe, follow and share these recipes with your family and friends to amp up your season of spring. 

Spring Iced Tea
A simple sweet tea that is floral, fragrant and fresh. Very easy and quick to make in large batches, perfect as a welcome drink for a crowd. 
Check out this recipe
The combination of vanilla ice cream, hot espresso and a little coffee liqueur makes for a delicious cooling drink or dessert in less than 5 mins.
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Lemon Blueberry Smash Cocktail
Fresh blueberries, lemons and tarragon with a good splash of vodka brings this super simple smash cocktail together. Perfect summer cooler that is delicious, beautiful and simple to make.
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This hibiscus tea recipe is perfect for the season of ramadan but also during the summer. It is filled with mint, honey, lime and ice making for a cooling drink in the heat.
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Lemonade Slushy
If a lemonade was turned into a sorbet but with tequila, this is what we would have. This is so refreshing and perfect to cool down this summer. Enjoy with a straw, spoon or as it is.
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