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Screwdriver is a vodka based cocktail that is mixed with orange juice making for a brunch or breakfast drink that wakes you up, perfect for the weekend. 

This cocktail gets its iconic name from a screwdriver. Yes you read that right. According to Matus, author of Vodka: How a colorless, odorless, flavorless spirit conquered America.”, decades ago, American oil workers in the Persian Gulf discreetly added vodka to their orange juice while on the job. Lacking a spoon, the workers decided to stir the drink with a screwdriver. 

Is it shaken or stirred? Well as mentioned above it was originally stirred but it can be shaken as well. There is no right or wrong way to make the drink since it only calls for vodka and orange juice. Obviously fresh orange juice packs a different punch but you could use the bottle stuff from the store. 

This drink is pour over ice and is usually served in a Highball glass. I didn’t have a highball glass so I used this classic tall juice glass instead. I also started by muddling some fresh orange segments in the glass before adding ice. Pouring over the vodka and then the orange juice. I stirred everything together and garnished it with a slice of orange. The orange segments must be without skin, seeds or the outer skin as this could make the drink bitter.

The drink can be topped with carbonated water or soda if you want to add a bit of fizz however I like it as it is. Some recipes suggest adding a dash of orange bitters or orange liqueur that aids in the zesty flavor but a good orange juice make this drink feel and taste very fancy. 

Now if you don’t have orange juice you can use grapefruit juice however understand that you won’t be making a screwdriver any more. The cocktail is simple with 2 ingredients and ice, try not to complicate it as it is refreshing on its own. 

Food Pairing:

The cocktail pairs well with grilled fish, ideally a flat fish but salmon would also work here. Sushi is also a good pairing here, veg or non veg sushi. Orange and pork are great friends so pork chops, ribs, bbq etc would also be good options here. Pasta with shell fish are a great combination but if you wanted to keep it vegetarian, you can serve the cocktail with a grilled halloumi salad, baked portobello mushrooms or even a veg galette. 

Enjoy talk, lets get stirring, Happy Cocktail Hour Ninjas!


Screwdriver is a vodka based cocktail that is mixed with orange juice making for a brunch or breakfast drink that wakes you up, perfect for the weekend.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Bar, Breakfast, Brunch, Cocktail, Cocktails, Drinks, Party
Cuisine American
Servings 2 Cocktails


  • Tall Glass
  • Spoon
  • Muddler


  • 60 ml vodka
  • 150 ml Orange juice
  • 4 pcs Orange segments
  • 12 Ice cubes


  • 2 Orange pieces


  • In a tall glass, add 2 orange segments and muddle until it is almost pulp.
  • Add 6 ice cubes in the glass.
  • Pour over 30 ml of vodka and 75 ml of orange juice.
  • Stir well using a spoon.
  • Garnish with an orange piece on the side of the glass.


  • You can leave the fresh orange segments out, it is optional.
  • Fresh orange juice is best but a good store bough one also works.
  • You can increase the alcohol content depending on your taste.

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