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Teetotaller Cocktails. Find inspiration in making fancy cocktails and mocktails at home with these recipes.


This hibiscus tea recipe is perfect for the season of ramadan but also during the summer. It is filled with mint, honey, lime and ice making for a cooling drink in the heat.


This elegant cocktail is a simple drink that not only looks pretty but also tastes delicious. It is vodka based but the orange liqueur adds a refreshing flavor to the palate.

Django Reinhardt

This vermouth based cocktail is the perfect day drinking situation fit for brunch. Filled with citrus and ice it is a simple drink to shake up in no time and refreshing to say the least.


Limes, mint, white rum and a little muddle makes this cocktail a refreshing one like no other. It is a zesty drink that is cooling and very easy to make.

Haldi Doodh

Haldi Doodh also known as Golden milk, also known as Turmeric latte is a simple immune boosting healthy hot drink that is delicious. This recipe is rooted in Ayurveda which stems from India.

Maple Old Fashioned

The combination of maple syrup, bourbon, bitters and orange zest makes for a warming fall drink perfect for the season. Nothing fancy is needed to stir this recipe up hence you can make it in no time.

Bloody Mary

There is no better cocktail than a Bloody Mary that sums up the celebration of Halloween. With a little tomato juice and vodka you can make this drink in no time and add your own twist to it.
Happy Halloween!

Grave Digger

A Halloween special cocktail that is not only fun to make but tastes like a dessert. With the combination of coffee, whipped cream, brandy, chocolate biscuits, vanilla and Kahlua it makes for a simple yet delicious treat.

Poison Apple Martini

Halloween themed drinks are a lot of fun and this cocktail is filled with all the goodness for a perfect vodka martini however, the addition of caramel sauce and edible glitter makes for a poisoned apple martini.

Iced Mocha Latte

This Iced Mocha Latte is the perfect wake me in the morning. It is silky, cold and refreshing. The combination of cold coffee, cream, chocolate sauce and maple whipped cream is what makes this drink delicious.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

The best fall drink-recipe you will ever need. Filled with pumpkin puree and spice, salted caramel, maple syrup and whipped cream. This cafe style coffee drink will kickstart all the seasonal feelings with just one warm sip.

Espresso Martini

This coffee flavored cocktail is a definite wake me up or pick me up, it’s up to you. But it is rich and intense with every sip balanced with the coffee crema on the top making for an indulgent drink.

Masala Chai

Fragrant and flavorful masala chai (tea) at home brings comfort to the soul. In this recipe you will learn how to make my go to masala chai powder and turn that into the best masala chai. With 1 pot, a few ingredients and spice you are half way done.

Raspberry Shandy

This refreshing beer cocktail is dangerously delicious. Not to mention the drink is pinkish and pretty as a picture but more importantly perfect for the summer heat. The zest from the limes, tang from the raspberries work alongside the fizzy brew.

Piña colada

A three ingredient tropical cocktail that makes you feel like you are on an island with summer shinning bright. Packed with fresh pineapple juice, Malibu, coconut milk and pineapple slices. It is elegant and creamy but one glass goes a long way.

Lemonade Slushy

If A Lemonade Was Turned Into A Sorbet But With Tequila, This Is What We Would Have. This Is So Refreshing And Perfect To Cool Down This Summer. Enjoy With A Straw, Spoon Or As It Is.

Cherry Moscow Mule

It doesn’t take much to make this cocktail. But if you love cherries and ginger then this is the one for you. If you haven’t tried a Moscow Mule before then let this recipe be the first one as it is refreshing and simple to make.